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Five Marketing Tools to Make Your Life Easier

Marketing can be overwhelming, especially when you're first starting out. Many tools on the market claim to make the process easier, but it can be time-consuming trying to determine which ones are useful and which ones aren’t. This post will take some guesswork out of things by listing my top five favourite tools that have made my life easier - from managing social media campaigns to generating website traffic. So give them a try and let me know what you think.


Copy.AI is simply a magnificent creation. This artificial intelligence powered website will write you professional copy at the click of a button. Just type in your subject and a brief outline of what you need copy for, and the rest is done for you. The list of options is staggering, with the ability to write website copy, social media captions, brainstorming tools, email marketing copy and even will help you write birthday cards. This is a must-use for business and personal life.


Miro is an online whiteboard and is a fantastic tool for planning and collaborating with teams. Everyone on your team can view, edit and comment on the infinitely sized boards, making meetings fun and engaging. Several templates are available, such as flowcharts, mind maps, timelines, and workflows. The free version is a little basic but still offers enough to be a handy tool.


Most people will have heard of Canva by now, but for a good reason. This free design tool has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years and is now comfortably rivalling photoshop as a graphic creating tool. Canva makes graphic design easy and even offers templates to base your designs on. There is an affordable paid option which gives you even greater control.


Unsplash is a library of over three million high quality, professional, free photos. Using photos from Unsplash can give your website or social media posts an authentic feel without the ‘meme-like’ stock photos of the past. The skills of the photographers on Unsplash are incredible, and they are generous enough to allow you to use their photos for free. Despite this, if you use their images, make sure you thank them!


Zapier is a tool that helps you automate repetitive tasks between two or more apps. This tool is slightly more technical, but if you can get your head around it, it is worth the time you save in the long run. Start with something simple such as setting up an automation to save new Gmail attachments to Google Drive for safekeeping.

These five marketing tools will help save you time and energy. Sure, there are plenty of other marketing tools out there, but these five are among the best in my experience, and I hope they can make your life a little easier as well.


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